Story SIV project – Collaboration with Eugene Trivizas

Eugene Trivizas is an award winning international best-selling author that has written over 100 books. His work has been adapted for stage, screen, radio and e-books.

The collaboration work with us will create Interactive Video books from Eugene’s children stories using our proprietary Selective Interactive Video (SIV) format. The story SIV, as it’s been called, is an exciting new way to tell stories using video providing story lovers with a whole new way to experience reading.

SIV differs from normal videos in that viewers interact directly with the content. With the story SIV the viewer can change what is seen and heard by making choices as the video progress. In addition, the story SIV can introduce elements like games, quizzes and other activities (such as colouring book style pictures) to make navigating through the stories interesting, exciting and fun for children. There are no limitations with the elements that can be mixed with the interactive story telling video and performance is not affected no matter how large the content, unlike some e-books and apps that slow down when more functions are included.  SIV can therefore be used to adapt a wider range of stories to this unique format.

“We are really pleased to be working with such a notable author as Eugene Trivizas on this project. Eugene’s unique style of storytelling is ideal and we see this leading to a series of really amazing SIV books in the future opening books to even wider audiences.” – David Jones, Director.

The first book to get the interactive video treatment is “88 Dumplings”, adapted from Eugene’s original and extremely popular Greek story “88 Dolmadakia”. Work continues to bring the first story SIV book to market.

View story SIV demo


Click image to experience the working Demo we created for Eugene to explain how his story book SIV could look.